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danrad_icontest's Journal

A Daniel Radcliffe Icon Contest
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Welcome to danrad_icontest. Here, you will recieve an icon base and you will make an icon out of the base. You will get one week to make the icon. Once you've entered your icon, you can't enter again till the next challenge.

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1. You will recieve one challenge per week. (Sun-Sat) Friday is the deadline at 12:00 am eastern time. Any submittions after that will not be accepted.
2. You're entry will be screened, so you don't have to worry about anyone copying your idea.
3. If you have all ready submitted an icon, don't submitted it anywhere else until that challenge is over. If you do do that, more than once, you will be banned from this community.
4. Once it is time to vote, do not vote for yourself or tell your friends to vote for you. Anonymous votes will not be counted. Only members can vote.
5. Have your submission be the normal size for LJ (100x100) and are formatted as .jpg, .gif, or .png.
6. Have fun!

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It's easy. First, you wil recieve a base. You may do whatever you please with it. Just make it appropriate. Animation is allowed. To enter, just post your icon like this:

Just change from my, example, image to yours. All posts will be screened.

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This is not a paid account so voting will be a bit different than the other communities that are icon contest communities. When it is time to vote, I will post all the entries and you will reply saying who you think should will first, second and third place. There is also a mod's choice and of course, that's what I would do. The replys are screened, so you won't see who votes for who. Any questions and email me at hpfan_58@yahoo.com.

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Award banners will be made for the winners. You can win either 1st, 2nd 3rd place or mod's choice. When the voting is over, you will recieve a banner, saying that you've won.

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You only have one mod...for now. Your mod is hpfan58 and that's about it.

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If you want to become an affilate with this community, comment im my journal here